Looking out across the globe field, it seems an odd thought that less than three weeks ago it was abuzz with activity. People sitting, people dancing, people thinking; it was truly a wonderful gathering of people. I was delighted to receive some fantastic feedback from friends and family, all attesting to the success of the festival. Whilst many will rave about the heated debates they witnessed and others will lament about the electrifying band the previous night, one thing crops up time and time again and that’s the atmosphere.

Whilst I don’t think there is any intention behind it, HTLGI seems to somehow mirror the town of Hay itself. All of the wonderful characteristics of our town are just as true of the festival. It’s small but intense; it’s daring yet modest and it’s got quirks and curiosities in abundance. It’s independent, driven by ethics and has a cracking sense of community. One of the key aims of HTLGI is to create a space where big ideas have no boundaries and are not constricted to a programme of events. Whilst this sounds like an unreachable goal, my insatiable habit of eavesdropping discovered results to the contrary. I so enjoyed walking through the site and watching attendees gathered in conversation, gesticulating wildly, challenging each others’ ideas and preconceptions. Whilst I dabbled in the philosophy of it all, the musical treats were definitely my highlight. I spent much of my time at The Stage or The Tea Tent as most of us know it! It meant I was witness to the endless stream of local talent that Hay and the surrounding areas seem to produce. The bar was undoubtedly raised this year with stellar performances each and every day.

The evenings were no different with the likes of Lori Campbell, Sweet Baboo and The Roving Crows all putting on great shows. Somehow the weeks without a day off, the long days without breaks and the constant state of sleep deprivation become perfectly normal by the end of the event. Having been back in reality for a couple of weeks now I can’t help but to miss the crazy times, the people and the ‘something in the air’. Until next year… – See more at: http://www.globeathay.org/about-globe-at-hay/blog/howthelightburnedsobright/#sthash.kNjQ76sY.dpuf